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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> there is a no left sign posted clearly there and the vehicles were in motion and the big rig turned in front of the muni. >> reporter: he was the driver of the big rig. >> you didn't see the train? >> there wasn't no train. i was waiting the. i was waiting -- waiting there. i was waiting. there was nothing. >> reporter: back live now to the collision. the driver did say he was avoiding the vehicle traffic on third and that is what forced him to get close to the tracks. he never said he was attempting to make a left hand turn. police got his information. he was released without being sited. that could change pending on the investigation. as for the lrv there has been damage to a couple of the side panels. we have been told this light rail vehicle will be salvageable and get it back into service. as for the driver of the lrv,
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we will talk live to the spokesman in 30 minutes. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. to ktvu's david stevenson at geary and the crash involving the muni bus and a dump truck. >> the bus and truck were cleared from the road at 3:50 p.m. just in time for rush hour on one of the busiest arteries. this all began at 1:29 p.m. this afternoon. police say the operator of this bus rear ended a dump truck on geary. the impact shattered the glass and bent the frame of the bus. 20 passengers suffered injuries. 8 were treated that scene. 12 were transforted. the san francisco -- transported. the san francisco fire department said most injuries were light. but one is in serious condition. >> they are all lying on the street. as they had them down on the
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ground they were getting all the things to put under the back, watching their neck. >> reporter: the dump truck driver and the driver of the muni bus were not injured. muni said at this point it is unclear how fast the bus was traveling. the driver will under go drug and alcohol testing and they will review cameras to determine exactly what happened here this afternoon. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> to ktvu's john sasaki live at san francisco general hospital where some of the crash victims were taken. john? >> reporter: i want to take you over real quick, a man just walked out of the hospital talking about his experience. let's listen in. >> that is all i could say. >> reporter: how did happen? >> like i say, man, i am talking to my girl, my ipod, i hear a big boom.
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by then i am on the side of the thing. hit my side. bam. on the railing right there. >> reporter: do you have bruising? >> yeah. hurt. >> reporter: you checked into the hospital and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: what does it feel like? >> hurts. hurts. just hurts, man. >> reporter: are you the man who came over on your own in a bus? >> no. my lady brought me here. my lady brought me. >> reporter: did it seem like a lot of people were injured? >> everybody was going crazy, man. you know? so you know how things happen. >> what was the chaos of the moment out there? [ inaudible question ] >> yeah. you know, trying to do their
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thing. a lot of hollering, pushing, running across the street. >> [ inaudible question ] >> some of them. you know, some people -- you know? i am hurt, can i sit down. >> reporter: absolutely. you feel like you will be okay? >> yeah, man. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: thank you. what is your name? >> anthony berry. >> thank you. >> reporter: that is one of the gentlemen who were taken to the hospital. 5 people were brought here. two at san francisco general hospital and those all came here from that light rail vehicle accident. and i wanted to tell you at that scene four of them came here in ambulances. he came here, his girl, as he put it brought him here. one person got on a bus and came here. so far each is in fair condition with no fares or
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other -- fractures or other serious injuries. >> two men and three women here from their 20s to their 70s. they are all being treated now. we don't know yet whether any of them will be admitted. we don't expect they all will but we are still looking for internal injuries and doing tests for injuries that may not be obvious to the naked eye. >> reporter: the injured went to 7 total hospitals. >> reporter: a lot of activity at the area hospitals here today. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> recapping the situation. two crashes in san francisco this afternoon. a total of 40 people were hurt. 20 in each collision. everyone is expected to be okay but one person's injuries are
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considered life threatening. we will have the latest information for you coming up at 5:30 p.m. new developments in the growing ebola outbreak for the first time ever someone infected with ebola will be in the united states and it is causing tern that an outbreak could occur here. how two infected americans are being treated. >> reporter: a plane departed on thursday to get two american missionaries infected with obola. back to the u.s. they are fighting for their lives. they were in liberia doing charity work. both will be flown to georgia. and then to a treatment center in atlanta. >> they have gone over on a humanitarian mission. they have become infected through medical care. and we feel that we have the environment and expertise to safely care for these patients and offer them the management.
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opportunity for recovery from these infections. >> reporter: according to the world health organization the outbreak in west africa is the worse in recorded history. 700 people have died died and 1,300 known cases. president obama talked about the importance of a world wild effort to combat the outbreak. >> the key is identifying, isolating those who contracted and making sure practices are in place that avoid transmission. >> reporter: noise of their evacuation sparked fears on social media of a potential outbreak here in the u.s. >> i think we fear it because it is unfamiliar but we shouldn't let that trump our reason. it is a huge risk in africa. it won't be in the u.s. >> doctors say they have not yet made a decision about what if any experimental treatments will be used to care for the two americans. scary moments when a bus
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caught fire. look at these pictures sent to us on twitter. the bus was pulled over on 101 when the fire started before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. there were no passengers on board, just the driver. flames spread to grass but were put out. no word on what caused the fire. san jose police are releasing new video in the hopes someone recognizes this armed mam. the man culls -- man. the man pulls out a weapon and demands cash and tells the workers to get down on the floor. police describe the weapon he is pulling here as an m1 with a magazine and he should be considered extremely dangerous. anyone who knows this man is asked to call police and maw be eligible for a reward. new at 5:00 p.m. fair goers taken for a ride. a summer tradition is tainted
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by fraud. fake tickets to the fair are catching many by surprise. the fair is seeing a large number of phony admission coupons this year. ktvu's paul chambers is live in santa rosa and found out people tried to cash in thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent tickets. >> the ticket has been going on for a week and they had $10,000 of fake tickets here. i found out one of the many victims is a youth group. >> they paid $3,000 for counterfeit tickets. >> take a look at this screen. this ticket and the ones underneath are the real deal. you will get in and receive a wrist band but these tickets with a value of $20 and these are counterfeit. management says these tickets were sold 4 years ago but they do not match an inventory sold
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and believe someone did a good job of printing documents. they have been for sale on facebook, craigslist and outside the fair in the parking lot. the asking price, $10 and less if you buy in bulk. besides the youth group some families spent $500 on the fake tickets. the website gives a warning about this scam. although the fair hasn't made money on the scam the management is willing to make a deal. >> they will match one for one. >> i always buy direct from the source because i don't want to have fraud. >> reporter: that is what the management recommends, buy your tickets right here or one of their dealers. you can also check on their website they have deals there also. the fair goes till august 10. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a minor crash landing at the airport caused it to shut down for a while this
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afternoon. the airport is located on airport boulevard west of highway 101 in santa rosa. the fire department says the lapping gear of a plane failed. no one was hurt. the plane blocked one runway. anger at the take over of the city. the protest that stopped two shuttles in their tracks. >> starting off the weekend with temperatures in the triple digits. when the clouds and fog are expected to return and quickly cool things off. >> and next from social media hub to a post list ghost town. >> i was trying to look and see what was happening on facebook and i couldn't. >> the facebook outage that prompted calls to 911.
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new details on a major outage at facebook today. the site crashed for many uses for more than two hours -- users for more than two hours this morning. some went to twitter to talk to it. he wrote facebook is not a law enforcement issue. please don't call us about it being down. he wrote how will i know if my aunt enjoyed her salad. he joked facebook going down for 15 minutes is proof today's generation would have survived 8 seconds in the 80s. ktvu's tom vacar asks why it could have such a big impact. >> reporter: it made headlines world wide. the talk of twitter and social
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media. to hear experts talk about it facebook is something of a utility that is expected to work all the time. >> consumers just expect it to be there when they need it. it is part of their life and when it is not there it is upsetting. >> someone "likes" something. follows them. >> reporter: she says facebook and other social media stimulate the same brain pleasure centers that drugs do. >> there are treatment centers across the united states, three or four i know of, who are treating social media addictions. >> people, that is their whole lives. they can't go without it. you know what i mean? it is here to stay. >> folks we met this afternoon aware of the alternatives are not concerned about a facebook outage. >> if i was on it during the outage i wouldn't care. i would go on another website maybe. >> not like you have to be
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getting a connection. >> reporter: however one man told us many companies use facebook for marketing, ordering and customer service. >> they are probably using it all the time and being down is like anything else being down. >> reporter: facebook put up an explanation of what happened. i think you would have to have a engineering degree to understand it. if facebook's users were a nation it is population would be third to china and india. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. wall street with more losses. dow dropped 69 points. nasdaq fell 17. these declines come after five months of steady gains. a traffic alert for the golden gate bridge tonight. crews will start closing the loans to the toll plaza. the closures in both directions
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begin at 9:00 p.m. and could last till 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they will be restriping lanes. and then in january it will be closed for a weekend during the final installation of a barrier. a l the damage -- all the damage caused by a water main break near ucla. a pipe burst in the area. 20million gallons of water shot up into the air and flooded parts of the campus. sunset boulevard is still closed as they work on the massive hole. two tow trucks have been removing dozen of cars. ucla will have to replace the floor of the pauley pavilion after it was ruined by all the water. man is in critical condition after being hit by a train in antioch. friends say he was trying to move his bag across the tracks this morning when he was hit.
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he was airlifted to the hospital. he was said to be in critical condition this morning but there hasn't been an update since. weather hot for so many in the far east bay but according to our chief meteorologist bill martin those people by the coast, not so bad. >> depends where you are. not that hot in san francisco right now. 103 in antioch, so. the coast is cool. warmer than average. highs today were up there. highs tomorrow are going to be cooler. here is what is going on. the high pressure built in the last 48 hours or so. so it thunk air. -- thunk the air. 102, 103 today. tomorrow the inversion lifts. as we go into tomorrow, cooler and into sunday significantly cooler. a cooling trend starts tomorrow but tomorrow is still a hot
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day. deeper marine layer. sunday you will notice 10 to 12 degrees of cooling. fog along the coast. you can see it right here. and it is in in the avenues now. it is very dense alung the coast. -- along the coast. fog throughout san francisco. heading into north beach now, that fog shoots the gap over night and we will see more fog than we saw this morning, 20%. and sunday morning there is fog everywhere. all bay area counties will have fog and sunday will be cooler day. 102 fairfield. these are current temperatures. 99 livermore. 101 walnut creek. these aren't the highs. when i come back i will post the highs for today. over night lows tonight in the 60s. 64 livermore. 64 antioch. not much change again. it will be very warm over night again tonight and tomorrow temperatures warm. let's look at san jose, currently 79 degrees.
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air quality is not that good. it was a spare the air day today. we had one today. san jose for high tomorrow you will get back up to the upper 80s. that is hot. especially in the downtown area. be prepared for a very warm day tomorrow. even though it is cooler than today. today is the peak. tomorrow temperatures cool down. the five-day forecast with -- the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view warm to hot. cooler on sunday. hot spots in the upper 80s, no 90s and then we level off here into the rest of the week. what we are looking at is more fog and low clouds starting on saturday night and sunday. but a cooling trend after today and the humidity is gone. i don't know if you noticed but it is drier. fire will be more of a presence this weekend. dropped humidity, fire danger is more of an issue. >> drier. thank you. a veteran shot on his way home to his wife.
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the fight that led to gunfire, plus -- [ chanting ] >> blocked at the height of the morning commute, why protesters chose today to hold them up. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> levi stadium, the last minute preparations for tomorrow's game. plus -- >> everybody is wasting water. it is ridiculous. i can't water and these people have green grass. >> the drought is pitting neighbor against neighbor, the huge rise in expulses how one agency -- calls and how one agency is stopping it. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: right now, at sleep train,
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frustration and anger boiling over on to the streets of san francisco today as protests on thers blocked two buses. they are upset about what they see as a larger trend, a city residents being forced out of their homes. noisy protest at 24th street in san francisco's mission district today. protesters stopped two buses in their tracks and described how the industry is taking over their city. [ chanting ] >> reporter: they are angry
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about the increase in evictions that allows a property owner to econvict and turn it into a -- evict and turn it into a residency in commons and bringing in more money. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protesters say vulnerable san francisco residents are displaced by young well paid tech workers and say 75% of no fault evictions were in 4 blocks of private tech bus stops. >> like when they cut the rain forest, doesn't work. >> seniors and people with disabilities. >> reporter: today is the first day shuttles paid a fee of $3.55 per stop per bus to use money bus stops. that is not enough for her. >> the mayor is giving away the city to the tech ky and
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ignoring -- tech industry and ignoring the real problems in the city. [ chanting ] >> reporter: after half an hour -- >> you are blocking traffic. get on the sidewalk. >> reporter: protesters ended their action. police cleared the streets and it was back to business. >> for their part companies are taking steps to give back to san francisco. recently sales force marked its anniversary with a day of volunteering, meal and monitory donations but the ceo admitted the industry as a whole isn't doing enough. the google barge may soon disappear. google sent it to stockton after getting the cold shoulder in san francisco. now there is word their other barge has been sold to a company. the new owners plan to scrap the containers and take it out to sea. it is not clear if the barge in stockton will are the same fate.
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the vision was to transform it into floating retail stores. breaking news from san francisco in two different accidents. >> that is right. we are live next with san francisco mt a's director of transit after a collision between a light rail and a big rig. >> and scary moments for b.a.r.t. riders, steps police are taking now to find out who a suspicious package belongs too. >> and how one man fought back against quotes and what finally -- coyotes and what finally got them to go away. bulldog: oooh!
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when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. more now on the breaking news we have been telling you about from san francisco. a difficult afternoon for money passengers. two crashes minutes apart left dozens of people hurt. the first crash happened at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon on geary boulevard. that is where a bus rear ended a dump truck. 20 people hurt. 12 went to the hospital, one has life threatening injuries. 6 minutes later a light rail vehicle collided with a big rig. 20 people there were hurt and 11 taken to hospitals.
5:31 pm
no one has life threatening injuries. ktvu's mike mibach is live at that scene where you have questions for a muni representative. >> reporter: that's right. i want to mention first good news. that the is the -- that is the accident scene has been cleared, 5 minutes ago. i want to bring in the director of transit. thank you for taking the time. tell me about what was going on with the train involved in the accident leading up to the collision. >> the train involved in the accident was headed downtown. made the service stop two blocks away. heading with the proper signal towards downtown and it appear as truck making a left hand turn made contact with the front end of the train. fontinately the damage -- fortunately the damage to the vehicle that was sustainicide repairable. the train -- sustained is repairable. the train won't be losed for too long a time.
5:32 pm
the injuries are minor we are told at this point. the actions of the operator who had the presence of mind to put the emergency break on and to deenergize the electricity, pull the pires down so there -- wires down so there was no problems with that. >> reporter: any word on how fast the train was going before he hit the emergency break? >> the speed in this area would be 25 but keeping in mind he made that stop two blocks away and given the evidence, we would estimate he was going between 15 and 20 when he made contact with the truck. >> reporter: talk about being able to salvage the train, how much is that saving? >> first of all, from a service perspective we are able to get it back in service and carry people which is the most important thing and because of the actions of the operator he
5:33 pm
minimized the damage. rather than have a more serious incident you have a door that has to be replaced, body work and a new coupler and we will check it out at the division right now. we feel pretty good. the accident could have been much worse. >> reporter: one last question, is the operator going to be tested for substances and do you know his injuries? >> we don't know that in terms -- i don't know the answer to the question about the -- whether or not he helped people get off the train. the nature of the injuries was minor. so some of the people were treated and released. others chose to go to the hospital. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we will follow our protocols. >> reporter: thank you for taking the time. the director of transit for the mta. live in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us tonight for
5:34 pm
continuing coverage of the situation. at 6:00 p.m. live reports from both crash scenes and updates on how helmets are handling the -- hospitals are handling the passengers. police are handling another shooting earlier today and it wounded a military veteran. there have been four shootings in antioch since wednesday. one across the street from the police department. the vet was shot around 12:30 a.m. this morning. investigators say he was walking home to his wife when he got into a argument with someone on the sidewalk. he was shot and wounded in the chest, arm and stomach. he is expected to survive. problems today for b.a.r.t. riders. the b.a.r.t. station was evacuated this morning because of a suspicious package. ktvu's katy eustis reports b.a.r.t. is seeing more and more of these incidents recently. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police are investigating who left a hard orange suit case on
5:35 pm
the platform at the station. after a train operator reported the bag around 7:30 a.m. this morning trains stopped servicing. >> officers responded and concurred it was suspicious. he shut down the station and evacuated it. called eod to czech it out. -- check it out. >> the closure frustrated commuters and confused two young tourists trying to get into san francisco. >> surprised because we haven't tried b.a.r.t. yet. >> police say the suit case doesn't appear to have explosives in it but it is suspicious making this the third incident in two weeks. a b.a.r.t. passengers made threats in berkeley and a threat shut down the coliseum station. all hassles for people who were
5:36 pm
rerouted. >> they have buses running -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: investigators are now reviewing surveillance video taken in and around the station as they try determine who left the suit case. they say it may take several dize get through all the -- days to get through all the material. katy eustis, ktvu channel 2 news. the violence in gaza rages on. both hamas and israel blame each other for breaking the deal. they demolished a tunnel behind israeli lines. two soldiers were killed and another taken hosten during the incident -- hostage during the incident. the senate approved 225 million dollars to help israel defend itself. the money will allow them to restock their missiles used to shoot down rockets. unexpected news from a wine
5:37 pm
maker. why the drought may have helped the grape crop. even if they are making less wine. >> a woman scoops up a bought cat and put him in the trunk. >> and new video from over seas, a chemical that sparked explosions and the death toll tonight. at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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>> police in stanford arrested
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a man who was suspended of harassing and groping two women. investigators identify him as a 58-year-old. they say the first incident happened july 11 on a bench in a park. a woman reported someone had aggressively touched and kissed her. on july 22 a woman reported a similar incident. a new look at a series of gas explosions in taiwan that were caught on camera. they say residents reported the smell of leaking gas to authorities before the blasts. 26 people were killed. including four firefighters. another 267 people were hurt. the explosions were so powerful a motorcycle was tossed on to the roof of a building. crews work to clean up the damage. hundreds of people evacuated last night were allowed to return today. officials say no buildings
5:41 pm
collapsed. investigators say chemical lines were built along side the sewer system. they believe a leak of a chemical used in making plastics is to blame. two americans made a plea for their freedom today. it is unclear whether their statements were coerced. he is suspected of leaving behind a bible and he tore up his visa and shouted i want asylum. >> we are requesting help from the american governments, the citizens of american and the world to release me from this situation. >> mean time concern is growing for a third u.s. citizen detained in north korea. his health is deteriorating. coyotes tears aring a
5:42 pm
suburb. >> wake -- terrorizing aing a suburb. >> and how he fought off the coyotes. >> why the drought may have been good for the grape crop, even if wineries won't make that much wine. >> 102 in livermore but the fog is pushing in. it will have a cooling impacted on the weekend, how quick the cooling is coming.
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a tree caused problems in san francisco this morning. you see crews were clearing parts of the tree away after it fell on columbus avenue about 4:30 a.m. this morning. the city am specter was scheduled to look at the tree but it is likely it is old. new water restrictions in light of the statewide drought. it is following the emergency orders that went into effect tuesday. restricting watering to three days a week between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. a first violation results in a warning but repeated violations could bring a $500 fine. big rig crash this morning sent one person to the hospital and snarled traffic about 4:45 a.m. the driver lost control and hit a smaller truck that pulled
5:46 pm
over. the driver of the smaller truck was taken to the medical center with moderate injuries. the crash closed lanes in both directions. snarling the morning commute. the lanes reopened by 9:45 a.m. this morning. ktvu's rob roth found out wineries are predicting high quality despite the dry year. >> reporter: here havesting has already begun two weeks -- harvesting has already begun two weeks earlier. >> the growing started off earlier because of soil conditions being dry and warming up and so we did have some early break. >> reporter: we began picking wednesday night and expects to go out again next week.
5:47 pm
while wineries can't be sure yet the forecast is that it should be a good year. the quality of wine may be below average but the quality -- quantity of wine may be low -- be below average but the quality should be high. >> so far so good. >> they are fortunate to have their own wells but because of the drought some wineries had to truck in water or use reclaimed water from the treatment plant. >> we are not applying a lot of water. we are applying when it is needed. >> the wine will be on shelves in two or three years. it is too early to predict if prices will be higher then but bottom line is why it hasn't brought widespread problems this year no one wants another dry year next season. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news.
5:48 pm
>> good for the grapes. we still like to we water. >> yes, we do. we are not going to get it soon, especially with this weather. >> summer too, mediterranean climate. we are up for it. we are not going to see much rain around here. getting drown around the area and we will continue in this pattern for the next few weeks. let's look that temperatures today. it was hot. 102 antioch. 100 live more. 102 fairfield. you probably had big numbers in your neighborhood. morgan hill 97 degrees. thunderstorms showing up around lake tahoe area or east. fog along the coast. there it is. what is happening is, the depth of the fog is going to get deeper. it means it will make a push inland, not just tomorrow but on sunday further and that provides more cooling.
5:49 pm
a cooling trend begins now and the fog gelts in on sunday. that will be -- gets in on sunday and that will be the coolest day on the weekend. fog on mission street, bay view district. fog in many neighborhoods tomorrow. sunday morning everybody has fog. that is the cool day. 102 fairfield. 75 mountain view. you can see the cooling. the fog. depth of it. pinched off here. pinched off over the hills. tomorrow this map will show more growns and yellows. over night lows mild. -- greens and yellows. over night lows mild. light sea breeze continuing, spare the air day today but sea breeze tomorrow. we won't see a spare the air day tomorrow. the extended forecast is for cooler. what happens here, fog gets thicker. further inland push. cooler days. cooler tomorrow. tomorrow will still be hot.
5:50 pm
and you see 90s. you see 80s. 80s are orange. right? not as hot as today. i consider that hot. 98 tomorrow and vacaville. hot. 98 clear lake. air quality not great but not a spare the air day. 96 danville. 96 pleasanton. valley 86 in san jose. and along the coast, foggy, and low 60s. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view heading into your weekend, you have warm to hot tomorrow. still hot inland. sunday is the day you will notice cooling and fog. fog up in napa. fog in santa rosa. more of it. which is typical. fire danger is up today and tomorrow. even on sunday. we will keep an eye on that. generally a cooling trend after saturday. >> 10-degree temperature drop there. >> yes, sunday you will notice it. cooler. >> thank you. a southern california city is on alert after coyotes was
5:51 pm
seen racing through the streets. two encounters were caught on surveillance video. there they go. he saw 7 or 8 coyotes outside his window. two days ago he was taking his dog for a walk when he ran into a pack of coyotes. >> i started making noises, yelling at them, they would not respond. i started backing up and they started advancing. that is when i got nervous. >> he says he didn't think he would get his dog home before they caught up with him but he did. he went outside with a shovel to scare them away but they didn't go far. he broke up the pack when he drove down the street fascking his light -- flashing his lights. a second chance for a bob cat hit by a car. >> we were there when he was released just a few hours ago. watch what happens when rescuers opened his cage to set
5:52 pm
him free. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> water wasters be wear. your neighbors are watching. >> the sprinklers were on. they are watering dead plants. >> calls bombarding hot lines and how officials are handling the offenders and levi stadium is ready to welcome fans for the first sporting event, the preparations going on right now to make tomorrow's soccer game one to remember. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale.
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there is some positive news for veterans in the scandal. a bill is on the way to the president. some say change won't come over night. >> it is not a cure all. because there is -- i think everybody -- we have all been scared. you can't take the scar away. >> it is meant to ease waits for care with money to hire more doctors and nurses and set up new clinics. the plan allows veterans far from centers to seek care outside the va. >> just too many veterans and not enough places to go. >> new estimates from the va show veterans in san francisco could expect to wait 31 days to see a doctor but that may be over estimating the wait. last month say saw a doctor after 16 days.
5:56 pm
dozens of investigators are set up a base near the crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17. it has been weeks since it was shot down and investigators are finally getting to survey the area. the team is looking for the remains of 80 victims from the plane. fighters along the perimeter have been keeping their distance as investigators work. new at 5:00 p.m. a bob cat is back in the wild after a car left him injured last spring. ktvu's cara liu is live. tell us what happened when the cat got his second chance at freedom. >> reporter: well, this bob cat has quite a story. it started in may when a woman was driving on highway 84 here and sees an injured bob cat lying on the road. she tells me she was worried and decided to throw a towel on top of him and then pick it up and put it in the trunk of her car. she was able to help get the bob cat to a local animal
5:57 pm
hospital. now in the last 2-1/2 months he had surgery on his left leg and also rehab at the wildlife center. and then the bob cat was brought this afternoon to an open space. workers say the cat was still groggy when they put a tag on him this morning but they opened his cage and then waited for 10 minutes, tipping his cage and taking the top off. the cat took a few steps out out of the cage before making a run for it. >> definitely hesitated on being released. he was uncomfortable and there was a lot of people here which made him unseizee. sometimes -- uneasy. sometimes they bolt or they are too scared to run away. >> reporter: quite a journey for this male bob cat. workers made sure he could hunt and climb and they believe he thrive. they tell me they are glad he
5:58 pm
is back in the wild where he belongs. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama today says he will acted on his own to try solve the boarder crisis because of what he calls inaction from capitol hill. in a news conference the president blasted republicans for their opposition to his request. the senate has left for its summer break and the house continued to debate a version of the funding bill all day today. even if it passes, which we understand it did, the president says it has no chance of making it through the senate. >> i am going to have to act alone because we don't have enough resources. we run out of money. and we are going to have to reallocate resources. >> the bill would have allocated $2.7 billion to help. now at 6:00 p.m. two crashes involving san francisco muni vehicles.
5:59 pm
the latest on the injuries injuries and the clean up at the crash site. >> putting the finishing touches on the new levi stadium. we will take you inside and show and tell what fans could expect tomorrow. >> everybody is wasting water. ridiculous. >> are your neighbors wasting water? a water district says complaints about water wasters are up. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> serious muni crashes within minutes of each other. we have been at the scenes all afternoon where dozens of people were injured. good evening i am ken wayne. frank somerville is off. >> i am julie haener. one of the crashes left one person in serious condition. ktvu's david stevenson is live at the crash working to find out what happened. >> reporter: yeah. tonight we are learning more about a possible cause of the crash and what became of the 20
6:00 pm
passengers who were injured. 8 were treated at the scene and able to leave. 12 were taken to local hospitals. fire department officials say most injuries were minor but one person has life threatening injuries. police say the bus rear ended a dump truck. late today investigators said it appeared the driver swerved and hit the breaks to avoid striking a truck that stopped but the bus plowed into the dump truck. the drivers were not injured. emergency personnel reboationed passengers, and -- triaged passengers and assessing their injuries. >> more older, seemed like, well, my age, middle age, you didn't know whether they were hurt inside or -- or where but there was no blood that we sod. >> reporter: muni officials say the driver will undergo alcohol


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